Single Sign On (SSO) for First-Time AWARD Access

Single Sign On (SSO) simplifies the authentication process by enabling users to access multiple systems or services using a single set of login credentials. With SSO, you won't need to remember various usernames and passwords for different platforms. Instead, you'll only need to enter your credentials once to access all connected systems or services. Additionally, SSO enhances security by often including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) at the external provider level.


Here's how it works on your first visit to AWARD:

  1. When you first access the system, you'll encounter a prompt to link your account. (Refer to the image below).
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  2. You may be required to enter a password; this should be your current AWARD® password.
  3. Click the "Add to existing account" option. This action will trigger an email sent to your company email address (which may differ from your email address in AWARD). Simultaneously, you will see the following screen:
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  4. Check your email for an "Account Activity" message. Inside the email, you'll find a link asking you to "Link to confirm account linking." (Refer to the image below):
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  5. Final Step: Click the "Link to confirm account linking" link within the email. This step finalises the action, granting you access to AWARD. Please ensure you do this final step promptly (you have 5 minutes).
    However, should you miss the 5-minute window, you will see an "Action Expired" screen on returning to AWARD:

In this case, please click on the Microsoft logo (or the login option specific to your organization) below the "Or sign in with" section on the login screen to resume the account linking process.


This account linking process is a one-time occurrence. In subsequent visits, SSO will seamlessly log you into AWARD without requiring passwords or additional authentication. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free access!


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