AWARD Authentication Options

We have three different capabilities for authentication within AWARD.


Standard authentication is the default method used within AWARD accounts. It is a simple method of user authentication, where users are required to provide their username and password to access a system or service. Within each tenant AWARD supports a variety of configuration options to help make the standard authentication more secure. The risk with this type of authentication is that if an attacker can guess or discovers the username and password, then they may be able to log in and use the account.


Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a method of user authentication that requires users to provide two or more forms of authentication to access a system or service. This method provides an additional layer of security beyond the username and password. The additional factor could be one of several things, though typically it is a one-time code generated by a mobile app. With MFA, even if a hacker steals a user's username and password, they still cannot access the system without the additional factor (i.e. the app).


Single Sign On (SSO) is a method of authentication that allows users to access multiple systems or services with a single set of login credentials. With SSO, users do not have to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access different systems or services. Instead, they only need to enter their credentials once, and they can access all the systems or services that are connected to the SSO platform. SSO typically also includes MFA at the external provider to provide an additional layer of security.


If you would like to make use of the Multifactor Authentication or Single Sign On, please speak to the Commerce Decisions Customer Success team. 

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