AWARD® link takes me to a Warning Page

If you click on an AWARD® link and are taken to a warning page,  it is likely that link is trying to access an object in AWARD® that is no longer available


Eg:  'You are not authorised to complete the requested action. Please contact your project manager or AWARD system administrator if the problem occurs again. The Home button will take you to your AWARD home page' 


Unless you have been sent an email with a link to directly access a specific communication or document, it is best to access AWARD via the "Main" home page link.

eg:  (look for the word login at the end of the link)


Once you have accessed AWARD, please click on the project you wish to access.

Once you have accessed  the project, please click on the relevant tab. 

For Documents you will usually be presented with one or more folders (document groups) and other buttons (these will change depending on your user permissions).

In Communications you will be presented with various communication options - again these options will be role specific.


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