Received an email in a different language - why?

Why am I receiving emails in Spanish / French ?

When working in AWARD® it will detect the language the PC is set to and send out an email in the according language.

AWARD® is not able to detect the recipient email language.

If the sender's AWARD® instance is configured in Spanish, the text in their AWARD® system emails will be in Spanish. Likewise, if your AWARD® instance is configured in English, all emails will be configured in English. 

What language does AWARD® send / receive in? AWARD® will always use the browser language of the user:

AWARD® doesn’t have a record of a user’s preferred language, and so it will always use the browser language of the user that triggered the email to be sent. In your example, that means the email from someone using AWARD® in English will be sent out in English, even if the recipient is using AWARD® in Spanish.

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