Reports (Data room guides - suppliers)

You can run reports against your Clarifications, Authority Queries and Notifications.



To run the Clarifications Report, click Clarification Report from the Clarifications list.


The report will show only the Clarifications created by you or any other Supplier Users assigned to your Supplier Account.

You can save this Report to a Word Document. To save the Report to Excel, click Export to Excel

from the Clarifications list.


 Authority Queries

To run the Authority Queries Report, click Report from the Queries list:


 You can save this Report to a Word Document. To save the Report to Excel, click Excel Report

from the Queries list.



To run the Notifications Report, click Notifications Report from the Notifications list.


This report will show Notifications sent to all Suppliers.

You can save this Report to a Word Document. To save the Report to Excel, click Export to Excel

from the Notifications list.

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