Uploading Documents (Data room guides - suppliers)

You can upload Documents so that they will be visible to the Project Manager and other relevant Users; note that your Documents will not be seen by other Suppliers. You upload your Documents from the main Documents list:


Click Upload and select the appropriate Document Group:


Click Next and then Browse to select a Document or zip file to upload:


Zip File Options


If you are uploading a Zip file then it will automatically be expanded (by default) and a Document entry is created for each file in the zip:

  • Extract Files (ignore folder structure) – this will extract the files in the zip to the selected folder. This is the default.
  • Extract Files (retain folder structure) – this will extract the files in the zip to the folder structure specified in the zip file. This structure must exist in AWARD® prior to the upload.
  • Keep Zip – select this to keep the Zip file intact, that is, leave it unexpanded.


You can enter a Keyword if required of up to 250 characters. These can be used for searching and filtering Documents.

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