Reports (Data Room guides)

The following Data Room Reports can be run by Project Managers, Project Support and Stakeholders:


Users with only a Data Room Access role cannot run any Reports.

Suppliers can only run Notifications, Clarifications and RFC Reports (from buttons at the bottom of the respective lists).


Creating Custom Reports

Manage Reports allows you to create Custom Reports.


Access Summary Report

This is a very comprehensive report (intended primarily for Consultants, due to its complexity) which outputs a row for each Document Group and the Users’ access rights to those Documents. The information shown in this report considers potential access to files in a Document Group according to the Project configuration; for example, an Assessor may be shown as having Read access to a Document Group, but they will not see the Document Group in the Documents list if there are no Documents currently loaded into the Groups for Submissions that the Assessor has work for. The access shown in the Report is based on their assignment to Questions, rather than their ability to access an Answer Sheet.


The information that is output is as follows:

  • Document Group – the name of every Document Group in the Project.
  • Type – the Document Group Type, for example, Internal, Submission etc. The Type description is also included.
  • Restricted – will be set to Yes if Restricted Access has been enabled on the Document Group. (Note that the Restricted Access function will only be available if Work Groups are enabled on a Project.)
  • User – the User’s Display Name.
  • Document Access – the values are:
    • Write - the user is able to upload files to the Group, and has the potential to see files uploaded by others. For an "Assessor" Document Group Type; this value means that the user has the ability to upload files through their Answer Sheet, and has the ability to see other uploads in the Document Group (either through other Project roles, or Exercise visibility).
    • Write Only – this is applicable to an "Assessor" Document Group Type only; it means that the user has the ability to upload files through their Answer Sheet, but cannot see any files other than their own in the Document Group.
    • Read - the user has the potential to see files uploaded by others, but cannot upload files to this Document Group.
    • None - the user doesn't have permission to see anything in this Document Group, and cannot upload to it either. This will also apply if the User’s Account or Project Access is disabled.
  • Account Access – the values will be either Yes if the User’s Account is Active, or No if it is Inactive or Archived. It does not take the Project State into consideration.
  • Project Access – the value will be either Yes if the User is currently able to access the Project or No if not. It does not take the Project State into consideration.
  • Role Access – the values will be any of Project Manager, Project Support, Stakeholder or No – No Admin if they are an Assessor.
  • Document User – the value will be Yes if the Document User option on the View/Edit Project User page. (This is the option that allows Users with non-administrative rights to have access to relevant Documents if they are not assigned to Questions that would normally give them access.)
  • Exercise – this contains the name of an Exercise to which the User has been assigned to evaluate Questions.
  • Revision - the name of the Revision in which the User has Questions to evaluate, for the current row’s Exercise. If Revisions are not enabled, then Base Version will be shown as the Revision name.
  • Exercise/Revision State – the values will be Active, Read Only or Inactive for the row’s Revision.
  • Question Access – the values will be Yes if the User is assigned to at least one Question where the Document Group is directly assigned to that Question or a parent Question. It will be No – Not Assigned if the User isn't assigned to any Questions, or the Document Group is not visible to any of the Questions that the User is assigned to. None will be shown if there are no Questions, such as in a Data Room Project.
  • Exercise Visibility – this applies only to Assessor Document Groups Types. The values will be Yes if the Document Group is visible to the Question, the User is assigned to the Question in the current Exercise, the Question is part of the current Revision, and the Question is part of a Dependent Exercise. It will be No if one or more of the previous conditions is not met. None will be displayed for any Document Group with a Type other than Assessor.
  • Work Group - the name of any Work Group that the User is assigned to.
  • Portal State – if it is a Supplier Portal Project, this column will indicate whether the User could potentially access the files in the Document Group given the Portal's state. The value will be dependent on both the Portal State and the User's Project Roles; specifically, the status of Unsealed will give a value "Yes - Unsealed" for a Project Manager, but will give a value of "No - Unsealed" for Assessors. None will be shown if there is no Supplier Portal associated with the Document Group.
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