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If you are a Project Manager or Project Support User you can send Messages to Users assigned to the Project. These messages are “one way” and cannot be responded to; they are simply a means of notifying Users of Project-related matters. Note that Stakeholders, Data Room Users and Supplier Users cannot send Messages using this function.

Email Alerts will also be sent to the recipients.


 Creating Messages

To send a Message:

  1. From the AWARD 6 Home Page, click the appropriate Project. The Project Home Page will be displayed.
  2. Click the Communication option on the toolbar.
  3. Click Messages in the left-hand navigator.
  4. Click Create. The Create Message page is displayed.
  5. Enter a title for the Message in the Subject field and the text you wish to send in the Text field.
  6. If you also wish to send the full message text in an Email, check Include Text. If you leave this unchecked, the recipients will still get an Email Alert but will need to access AWARD to read the message (via a link to AWARD in the Email).
  7. The Internal Note will be seen only by Project Managers/Project Support and Stakeholders.
  8. Select the Project Users who are to receive the Message. Any Project Managers/Project Support and Stakeholders active in the Project will get the Message automatically, so you do not need to select them as recipients, however if have selected Include Text and you also wish them to receive the text in the Email you will need to select them as recipients.
  9. Click Send.

The Message will appear as Unread for each recipient independently. Note that Messages sent with the Include Text option checked will not appear as Unread for the selected recipients, as they will also have received the full message via Email.

The Project Users list at the bottom of the View Message page which shows the recipients and who has read the Message will only be visible to Project Manager, Project Support and Stakeholder Users. If Include Text was not selected, the Date Read column will show the time and date that each recipient first read the Message. This column will be blank for recipients who have not yet read the message. If Include Text was selected, there will be a Date Sent column instead, as it is not possible to verify when the Email was read.

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