Notifications (Data Room guides)

Notifications are messages which are sent to the Suppliers in the Data Room. They are intended mainly to let them know about Documents which have been Published or Invalidated, or just a general way of informing them about various things such as the opening of the Data Room.

Notifications consist of:

  • Notices – these just contain information
  • Document Changes – these contain information and links to Documents which have been Published or Invalidated
  • Clarification Notices – these are Notices linked to Clarifications. They are used when a Project Manager wishes to inform all Suppliers about information contained in a particular Clarification. Note that Use Clarification Notices must be checked under Tools/Supplier Settings (see section on Clarifications).


Creating Notifications

Users with a Project Manager or Project Support role can create Notifications. They cannot be created by Users with Stakeholder or Data Room User roles, or by Supplier Users.

You can only create Notifications when the Project is Active.

You can send independent Notifications which will be received by all Suppliers, for example, informing them that the Data Room is open. These will be displayed under Notices.

Any Notifications that were created when Documents were Published or Invalidated will be displayed under Document Changes


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