Work Groups (Data Room guides)

Work Groups are necessary in Data Room Projects to enable Internal Users with the basic Data Room User Role to view Documents. Administrators and Project Managers can enable Work Groups from Tools/Advanced Settings; this will create a Work Groups link under Additional Tools which you click and then create the Work Groups. Project Support Users will be able to perform a subset of actions on existing Work Groups. 


Enabling Data Room Users to view Documents

Administrators, Project Managers, Project Support and Stakeholders will be able to view Documents by default (dependent on other factors such as Document Filters). However, Data Room Users must be added to Work Groups which are assigned the Document Groups that they will need access to. 

Enabling Tasks

Work Groups are also necessary if you wish to allow the creation of Tasks (either manually, or automatically from Clarifications). If automatic Task creation is required, you will also need to enable and create Clarification Categories (see the next section).

Once you have created a Work Group, click the Enable Tasks button on the View Work Group page and enter the requested information. 

Enabling Clarification Categories

You enable Clarification Categories from Tools/Advanced Settings; this will create a Clarification Categories link under Additional Tools which you click and then create the Clarification Categories. 

Enabling automatic creation of Tasks from Clarifications

When a Supplier creates a Clarification, to allow them to select a Clarification Category which will ensure that a Task is created automatically and sent to the relevant Users (those assigned to the Work Group), you need to assign that Clarification Category to the relevant Work Group.

You do this from the View Work Group page of a Work Group which has Tasks enabled; there will be an Assigned Clarification Categories section to which you must add the Category which will trigger the creation of a Task at the same time as the Clarification. See the section on Clarifications for further information.

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