Supplier Self-Registration (Data Room Guides)

You can allow Suppliers, who are not currently AWARD Users, to register to allow themselves to access the Project.

Supplier Self-Registration is a licenced function and once it is enabled it will also display the Enable Open Registration function. (The Open function allows existing Suppliers to register for further Projects.) If you disable the Team Self-Registration function it will also disable the Open Registration function.

Supplier Self-Registration is a licenced function and once it is enabled it will also display the Enable Open Registration function. (The Open function allows existing Suppliers to register for further Projects.) If you disable the Team Self-Registration function it will also disable the Open Registration function.

To enable Self-Registration:

  1. From the AWARD 6 Home Page, click the appropriate Project. The Project Home Page will be displayed.
  2. Click the Setup option on the toolbar.
  3. Click Tools in the left-hand navigator.
  4. Click Advanced Settings under Project Properties. The Advanced Settings page is displayed. 
  5. Click Enable Team Self-Registration.
  6. Enter a Registration Close Date if required. This is the date after which Suppliers can no longer register for the Project. This can subsequently be added or modified under Supplier Settings.
  7. Enter CONFIRM.
  8. Select Notify on Registration if you wish Project Managers and Project Support Users to be sent an email whenever a Supplier submits their initial Self-Registration for the Project or an existing Supplier registers via Open Registration. The email will contain a link to the appropriate Project Supplier page.
  9. Click Enable.

A URL is displayed; this is to be given to the Suppliers who should put this in their browser address bar. It will take them to the Team Registration page where they will need to enter the following mandatory information:

  • Team Name – this may be the name of the Supplier and can be up to 40 characters. Once this is registered it will be appended with a numeric automatically generated suffix of up to 10 numbers. This will prevent the potential issue of duplicate names being registered.
  • Organisation – this can be up to 100 characters.
  • Contact Name – this can be up to 100 characters.
  • Contact Telephone – phone number for contact name.
  • Email – a valid email address. This will be used to send an email with their User Name with which they will need to log in to AWARD, and a further link to complete the Supplier Self- Registration process.
  • Password and Confirm Password – these will need to conform to whatever password requirements are enforced under Account Settings.
  • n + n = - they will have to enter the answer to a simple sum shown on screen. This sum can be changed by refreshing the page.

When the Supplier clicks the link in the email, they will be taken to a Confirm Team Registration page where they will need to enter their Password (as defined in the previous screen), and accept the Terms of Use. Once they have successfully done this they will be taken into the Project (if it is Active). If it is still “In Preparation” they will be taken to the AWARD Home page.

You cannot enable this function if the Project is Complete.

Sending a Verification Email

On the View Supplier page at Account level and the View Project Supplier page within the Project, a Resend Verification Email button will be present if Team Self-Registration is enabled on the Project and the Supplier is self-registered but has not yet completed the final step of the registration process (that is, the Account Status is Pending Activation). You can use this function to automatically generate another email containing the link which they need to follow. Once the Supplier has completed the registration, the button will no longer appear.

Note: For more information on Supplier Self-Registration and Open Registration please contact Support who can provide you with a Supplier Registration Data Sheet.

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