Supplier Configuration (Data Room Guides)

Supplier information is defined at Account level and will only be present if the Data Room Licence is enabled. You need to be an Administrative User to carry out the following.

Suppliers (for example, the external companies accessing the data) are created at Account level, where Supplier Users are also created. The Supplier can then be assigned to the Project and the Supplier Users can either be assigned automatically or assigned manually. Both Suppliers and Supplier Users can be activated or inactivated at Account and Project level.


Creating Suppliers

You create the Suppliers from the Administration/Suppliers option:


Creating Supplier Users

Once you have created the Supplier you create the Users who will access AWARD on behalf of that Supplier from the View Supplier page:


 Once created, their User Names and Passwords can be sent to them from the Actions function, or from the View User page.

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