Creating the Data Room Project (Data Room Guides)

You need to be an Administrative User or Project Manager/Project Support User (with a Create Project role if you will also be creating the Project) to configure the Data Room Project.

You create the Data Room Project from the Create option under the relevant Projects list, clicking Create Supplier Interaction or Data Room Project then selecting Data Room as the Project Type.

Note: Do not select the Automatic Cost Calculation option as this is only applicable to Evaluation Projects:

The second page will supply default prefixes for Messages, Document Changes, Notifications, Clarifications, Clarification Notices and Authority Queries; these can be changed if required.

Once the Project has been saved it is set to a Status of “In Preparation”. This can be changed to “Active” when it is ready to be made available to other Users.

Various Project changes can be made from View Project Details and Supplier Settings under Setup/Tools.

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