Data Room Structure (Data Room Guides)

The main elements of a Data Room Project are:

  • Suppliers and Supplier Users – the external Suppliers, and the Supplier Users who will be accessing the Data Room on behalf of those Suppliers.
  • Internal Users – Project Users with Project Manager, Project Support, Stakeholder and Data Room Access roles who can administer/view the Data Room information.
  • Document Groups and Folders – containers for all the Documents uploaded to the Data Room. Internal Users can be assigned access to specific Document Groups.
  • Documents – uploaded Documents can be Published, Invalidated, Hidden, Moved and Downloaded by Project Managers. Suppliers can Upload, View and Download Documents.
  • Document Filters – provide customised tab views of the Documents for specific visibility for specific groups of Users.
  • Notifications – consist of Information Notices and Document Change Notifications for Published and Invalidated Documents. If Clarification Notices are enabled (under Tools/Supplier Settings) there will also be a view for these.
  • Clarifications – queries from Suppliers that require responses from Project Managers.
  • Authority Queries – queries from Project Managers that require responses from Suppliers.
  • Tasks – requests for information or work required. They can be linked to Clarifications.
  • Messages – one-way informative messages from Project Managers to Internal Users.
  • Reports – can be run against the Configuration, Communication items and Document Access. Custom Reports can also be created.
  • Activity Stream – a list of recent activities (such as Uploads, Downloads, Notifications, Documents Published and Invalidated) displayed on all Users’ Home Pages.
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