Downloading Documents (Data Room Guides)

You can download all the Documents in selected Document Groups, or individual Documents (within one Document Group at a time), to a zip file saved to your computer. You can do this using the Download button from the main Documents list or a Document Filter tab.

Downloading selected Document Groups

To download all the Documents within selected Groups, click Download. The Download Documents page appears:


Select the Document Group(s) you wish to download. If you wish to download only Unread Documents (that is Documents that have not been opened, or previously downloaded), check the option Unread Documents.

Note that you can change the default Name of the zip file if required.

Click Save to generate the download to a zip file. If you are enabled for Email Alerts, you will receive     an Email telling you that your zip file is ready for download (or if there is a problem), with a link to the download page in AWARD®.

A Downloads option will appear to the right of the Documents option. This will display a list of all your downloads with a link to the zip file. Note that after 48 hours the downloads on the My Downloads page will have a Status of Expired and will no longer have a link (so you will need to regenerate the download if you still need it).



To download the file, you can click the link under My Downloads, or click  and click the Download file link on the Download Details page.


Downloading selected Documents

To download individually-selected Documents within a single Document Group, expand the Document Group which contains the Documents you wish to download and select the Documents to be downloaded. You can select Documents from multiple folders within the Document Group, but not from different Document Groups at the same time.



Click Download. The Download Documents page will appear with the selected Document(s).


Note that simply clicking on a Document link in the Documents list will also download individual documents.


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