Document Filters (Data Room Guides)

There may be extra tabs containing a filtered set of Documents, for example, Published will contain only Published Documents, and In Preparation will contain Documents which have not yet been Published. 

For Standard Data room users, the only actions that can be performed from the filtered views are opening, downloading and searching the Documents.

Note: the numbers in brackets, e.g. (6) show the number of Documents in each group or folder. The top-level group contains the total of all Documents in its folder structure.

Creating Document Filters (Project Manager's only)

Document Filters can be used within Data Room Projects to display subsets of Documents, for example, Documents with a particular state such as Published Documents for selected Document Groups. You can also define whether the Filter can be viewed by Supplier Users or Internal Users, or both

They are created from the Document Filters option on the Setup/Tools page:



The creation of Document Filters is optional, but they help organise the information that Users can see. They will appear as tabs on the Project toolbar, for example, In Preparation and Published as shown above.

The options on the Create Document Filter page allow you to further refine the Documents that can be accessed. For example, you may wish to set up a Filter which allows Suppliers to view only Published Documents for just two specific Document Groups.

User Access

The options for Visibility are:

  • Internal Only which allows access to Internal Project Users only.
  • Internal and Suppliers which allows access to Internal Project Users and Supplier Users.
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