Documents List (Data Room Guides)

You can view all the Documents to which you have access from the Documents list:


 This list will show Published, and Invalidated Documents (if appropriate) as well as Documents which have not yet been Published. (Published Documents are marked with a tick.) Any Documents with a strikethrough are “Invalidated”; these are Documents which were previously Published but have now been made invalid, as they may for example, have become out-of-date, corrupt or superseded by another Document. To open any Documents in this list click the name link (you can still open Invalidated Documents).

The functions that are available to you will depend on the Document access you have been given within the Work Group. If you have Read Access you will only see the Download and Search buttons. If you have Write access you will also see Upload and Delete buttons.

The Unread view will only display Documents that you have either not opened or downloaded.

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