QHow to fix the HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request error in AWARD®

If you see this error message when you try to log in to AWARD, it means that the URL you are using is not valid. This can happen if you are using a scrambled URL instead of the original one.

What is a scrambled URL?

In AWARD,, the URL you use to access the log-in page should look like this:


where accountname is the name of the account you are trying to access.

However, sometimes when you try to access the log-in page, the URL may look like this:


This is a scrambled URL that contains extra parameters and information. It is only valid for a single session and cannot be reused. If you try to save or bookmark a scrambled URL and use it later, you will get the HTTP Status 400 - Bad Request error.

How to avoid the error?

To avoid the error, you should always use the original URL to access AWARD. You can save or bookmark the logged in URL for future use. You should have received the original URL from your project team or with your log-in details. Alternatively you can bookmark this once logged in. 

If you are unsure of the original URL you need to access AWARD, please contact your project team or submit a ticket to the helpdesk using the link above.


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