Managing an AWARD Licence

The AWARD Licence page allows you to monitor your licence status. The available licences show how many licences are available for use. Where the licence type is unlimited this will show as ‘N/A’ as there is no limit.


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The colour of the border around the licence details indicate the current licence status. If the licence:


  • is enabled there will be a green border
  • has exceeded the number of users or the date has expired there will be a red border
  • is disabled there will be a grey border


The licence breakdown is as follows:


  • Core Licences – This defines the maximum number of Internal Users that can be Active in the Account. The Status shows the number of Users and whether they are Active, Inactive or Archived. Only active users are taken from your licence allocation.
  • Evaluation Project Limit Licence - This enables you to create and use Evaluation/Lots Projects. The Limit is the maximum number of Projects that can be Active within the Account. The Status shows the number of Projects of this type that currently exist.


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