Project Templates

As an Administrator you can save any Project as a Template for future use. Project Templates are copies of Project configurations which can be used to create new Projects.


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You can:


  • Create a new Template from scratch – this is done from the Create button under the Administration/Project Templates menu option. This is basically the same as creating a new Project.
  • Save an existing Project as a Template – this is done from the Save as Template button on the View Project page. If you have a current Project which models the type of Project you will need to use again you can use this option.
  • Create a new Project using a Template – this is done from the Create from Template button under the Administration/Projects menu option. The templates available will be those created using the first two options.


Note that not all elements of a Project are created or saved in a Template, for example Submissions and Users, and you cannot perform certain actions in a Template, such as adding users and assigning them to Questions. However, when you create a new Project using the Template the full range of options appropriate to the Project will be enabled.

Data Protection is not applied to Project Templates, however when you create a new Project from a Template, Data Protection will automatically be applied to the new Project.


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