Managing Projects at Account level

When you log in to AWARD, the main Home page will show any Projects which you have created and to which you are assigned. If you click on a Project you will be taken to the Project Home page where you will have access to all the options to allow you to configure the Project.


As an Administrator you can also view all the Projects created within the Account. These are accessed in the following way:


  • From the AWARD Home page click the Administration option on the toolbar.
  • The Projects page will be displayed, showing all the Active Projects that is, those that are “Active” or “In Preparation”. The Completed view will show any “Completed” Projects.


Click the Project Name. The View Project page is displayed.



To edit any of the project details click Edit. This page is also the only place where you can delete a Project; you may need to use the Disable Data Protection function (also on this page) if you have such things as Evaluator Answers entered in the Project.




You can add or remove internal Project Users from a Project from this page. You can also do this, as well as adding Suppliers and their Users to the Project, as described in the following sections.


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