Adding an Email Domain

  • From the AWARD Home page click the Administration option on the toolbar.
  • Click the Suppliers option. The Suppliers list will be displayed.
  • Click the Supplier Name. The View Supplier page will be displayed. An Email Domains section will be present.



Click Add. The Add Email Domain page will appear.



Enter an Email domain name for the Supplier (up to a maximum of 255 characters). This is the part of the address that follows the @ sign (but does not include the @ sign), for example, “”. You can enter as many domain names as required.


  •   Note that you cannot edit a domain entry. If this is necessary you must delete the existing one and create a new one.


If you then create or edit a Supplier User’s email address it will check to see if the domains match, and if not, it will display a warning but will allow you to continue with the mismatch if you specifically confirm this. If you uncheck this option after domains have been defined, the Email Domain section on the View Supplier page will be removed and checks will no longer be carried out.



You will also get warnings in the following circumstances:


  • If you change a Supplier User’s email address (including the case) so that it no longer matches the domain name. Note you can change the text before the @ without getting a warning.
  • If one Supplier is registered to have a particular domain, eg "" then adding a User against a different Supplier with an email address also ending in "".
  • If you add a Supplier User or edit their email address but there is no domain registered to the Supplier.


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