Import Suppliers and Supplier Users

Alternatively, you can import both Suppliers and their Supplier Users at the same time using the Import option. The Supplier name information goes in the Supplier Data field and the Users in the Supplier User Data field:



You can import Supplier Data and Supplier User Data at the same time or separately. The fields required are similar to those for Internal Users, however there are some extra columns relating to Supplier Email Domains (if these have been enabled) – see the following section “Defining Email Domain Verification for Suppliers”:


Supplier Data


  • Email Domain - this heading will be present if the Check Supplier Email Domain is enabled (under Account Settings). The format is the address to the right of the @ sign (excluding the @), for example, “”. You can import multiple domains against a Supplier by using columns named “Email Domain 1”, “Email Domain 2”, etc.


Supplier User Data


  • Email – this must conform to a valid email format. If Check Supplier Email Domain is enabled (under Account Settings) and the Bypass Domain Check value is No the import will be blocked with a message informing you of any mismatches


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