Account User Actions

Common actions such as sending a User Name, resetting a Password and changing the Users’ State can be performed on one or more Users, as follows:


• From the AWARD Home page click the Administration option on the toolbar.

• Click the Users option. The list of Users will be displayed.

• Click the name of the User. The View User page is displayed.

• Select the User(s).

• Click Actions.



The Actions page appears.



You can now perform the following on the selected Users:


  • Send User Name – this will send the login name for the User to their email account.
  • Reset Password - this changes the User password and will send the reset Password to their email account.
  • Send Alert – this will send an ad hoc email Alert to Users across multiple Projects.
  • Activate, Inactive, Archive – this will set the User account to the specified State

After clicking each option you will be kept on the same page so that you can continue to perform the required functions on the previously selected Users.


You can also perform the above actions on individual Users from the View User page:




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