Licence Management Guidelines for AWARD Admins

Scenario: You currently have 100 Core licences applied to your account, and all of these licences are currently in use.


  1. If you have 100 or fewer Core licences in use, AWARD will work normally. It's important to note that it's perfectly fine to have zero available licences.
  2. However, if you attempt to activate or create more than 100 ACTIVE core users, you will encounter an error message similar to the one below:A close-up of a computer screen

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  3. Please keep in mind that all licence policies are bound by dates. If your core user licences expire, you will notice the following ie available licences will be - (minus)
    A screenshot of a computer

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  4. A red banner will appear to indicate licence violations.A screenshot of a computer error

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  5. While your account is in a licence violation state, AWARD will be limited to a Read-Only mode.
  6. The most common reason for a licence violation is the expiration of licences. For instance:
    • Suppose you have 100 core licences and request a 1-month top-up of 20 licences, starting on 01/12/22 and ending on 01/01/23.
    • This means you will have a total of 120 core licences to allocate.
    • If you have more than 100 Active core users and forget to remove the extra "X" licences before 01/01/23, your account will be placed in violation. However, this can easily be resolved by deactivating X users or requesting an extension.   
    • Please be aware that the Support desk can quickly apply the "top-up" licences if it's urgent (subject to approval from your AWARD account manager)
  7. To prevent potential issues, you will receive a warning a few days before your licences are set to expire, as shown in the example below:
    A screen shot of a computer

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