Assign Scoring Transformation rules to a question

To assign a Score Transformation rule to a Question:

  1. Click the Setup option on the toolbar.
  2. Click Questions in the left-hand navigator. The Questions page is displayed.
  3. Click the name of the Question to which the Score Transformation is to be assigned. The View Question page appears, showing any Score Transformations that are already assigned (if any).
  4. Scroll down to Score Transformations section > Click Add. The Create Score Transformation page appears. 
  5. Select the Answer Measure to be used for the Transformation. If the currently selected Question is a tip Question then you will be presented with any Score Answer Measures assigned to the Question. If it is a parent Question then you will be presented with all Score Answer Measures in the Project.
  6. Click Next. Select the Function (currently only Proportional with respect to the highest is available).
  7. Click Next. If the selected Answer Measure uses the Weighted Average Aggregation Method, you will be on the final page so you can then click Save. If the selected Answer Measure uses the Weighted Sum or Sum Aggregation Method, there will be an additional page where you can enter a different Minimum and Maximum score range to that on the original Answer Measure. If you wish to retain the original values, just click Save without entering any new values.

Deleting Score Transformations

If you wish to revert to standard calculations, you can delete the Score Transformations on the Question.

Reporting the transformed results

When you run the Results, Debrief or Comparison Reports; In order to display the transformed (normalised) results, you will need to select the Answer Measure which you selected when adding the Score Transformation rule to the Question. 

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