Score Transformation (Normalisation)

Score Transformation allows you to specify that scores given to Submissions can be transformed (normalised) to award full marks to the highest-scoring Submission, with other Submissions’ scores being scaled proportionally. You can apply as many transformation rules as you have Score Answer Measures on the Question. They can be assigned to individual tip Questions, or non-tip parent Questions. The normalisation will be performed on the aggregated score at the parent.

You cannot add a Score Transformation rule on the current Question if any of the following are true:

  • There are no Scoring Answer Measures available on the Question (if assigning the rule to a tip Question)
  • There are no Scoring Answer Measures available in the Project (if assigning the rule to a non-tip Question)
  • All available Measures already have the rule applied on the Question

The following information is given as a guide only, applying score transformations will alter the results within your project. Please submit a ticket if you require further support.


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