Username and email address are not recognised

You are trying to access AWARD® but you keep getting the message: username and or password are incorrect / not recognised.


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There are a few easy checks we can help you with:


Username - Usernames are case sEnsiTIve.  NOTE: A user name will not contain an @ symbol


URL - If you are certain you are using the correct username and password, please check you are in the correct AWARD URL.

AWARD URLs are unique to an Authority / AWARD programme

AWARD URLs look something like this :


A quick way of checking you are in the correct URL is to request a Username reminder.  If you request the reminder but do not receive an email (or see a warning), your browser may be pointing to the wrong AWARD URL.


If you have access to more than one AWARD account please check the details you are using, it is not possible to access one AWARD account using the details for another AWARD account. 


Finally, check your email address: are you using the same email address that was registered in AWARD or has your email address changed?  AWARD is only able to verify your details based on the information stored in its database.  When a company updates its email addresses, these changes are not automatically passed down to AWARD.


If you have checked the above but are still having issues accessing your account, please contact your AWARD administrator or submit a support request with the button above.


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