Uploading Documents to a Data Room

As a Supplier, you will sometimes be responsible for uploading your own documents within a Data Room. This will be at the discretion of the Authority, and they will need to configure the appropriate document group before you will be able to upload your own documents.


Within the Data Room Project, navigate to the Documents tab.


If the Project has been configured to allow Suppliers to upload documents, you will see an Upload button, which you can click.


Select the document group you wish to upload into. If the document group contains sub-folders, you can select which sub-folder you want to upload into. Click Next once the folder is selected.


Select the zip file option (the default can be left for most uploads) and select the document you wish to upload. Once done, click Save.


Once the document has been uploaded successfully, you will be taken back to the Documents page. The new document should appear under the folder that was selected.


To delete a document that you have uploaded, select the checkbox next to the document and click the Delete button. From here, click Delete again to confirm.


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