eSourcing options are not available (when importing supplier response)


You are trying to import your supplier responses, but you cannot see any import supplier response options in the project.


The first thing to check is that you're looking in the right place.


eSourcing supplier responses are imported from: 

Project > Setup > Tools > Supplier Responses > Import Supplier Responses from eSourcingGraphical user interface, text, application, email

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If you have navigated here but do not see the Import Supplier Responses from eSourcing option; this means your AWARD user account has not been linked with Jaggaer.



This issue can only be fixed by a user with AWARD administration privileges.  If you are not an administrator, please either contact your designated AWARD POC or submit a ticket using the button above.


AWARD® Administrators:

Recommended fix - please add an eSourcing ID to the user's AWARD account. eSourcing User IDs are provided by Jaggaer. Please contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with this.


Temporary fix - adding the ID wildcard * to the user's AWARD account is only recommended in exceptional circumstances as a wildcard will enable a user to view all Jaggaer projects.



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