Inactivating and archiving Users (update user status)

There are three status states that can be applied to an AWARD® user: 

  1. Active allows the user to log into AWARD – the number of active users a Project can have is defined by the Account licence. 
  2. Inactive disables the user’s login but they can still be assigned to Projects.
  3. Archived will disable a user’s login and will make them unavailable for assignments to Projects.


To update the status of an Account User

From the AWARD® Home page

  • Click the Administration option on the toolbar
  • Click the Users option on the toolbar below. The Users page will be displayed
  • Select the user or users you wish to update and click the amber Actions button. NOTE: the SAME action will be applied to all selected users.



  • The Actions page will open.  
  • Select the appropriate Action. On success an information message is displayed
  • Close. Note: These actions will be visible in the Event log.

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