What is AWARD®? For Bidders

AWARD® from Commerce Decisions Ltd is a web-based solution for supporting submission evaluation or bid preparation in procurement. AWARD® has a proven track record in accelerating the evaluation process, shortening time scales and delivering high-quality defendable results leading to better value procurement and bid decisions. AWARD® can be used on single large projects or on multiple smaller evaluations simultaneously.


There are several types of AWARD Projects that you may be a part of. Data Room Projects are used for document sharing, and can allow for back-and-forth communication between the Authority and the Bidders. All actions performed within AWARD are recorded, ensuring there is always a clear audit trail of events that take place and enabling a fair and transparent procurement.


The evaluation of the procurement can also take place in AWARD, with Bidders responsible for uploading their submissions to particular Projects through Portals within the AWARD system.


AWARD® allows multiple users to be a part of a particular Supplier group at the discretion of the Authority, ensuring that any users who need access to the AWARD system can log in on behalf of the Bidder organisation.


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