Response Team Manager Role

Response Team Managers control a specific Response Team, consisting of a group of Supplier Users within a Project. The Response Team Manager is a role that may be assigned to a particular Supplier User within an AWARD® Project and at the authority's discretion. If this role is enabled within AWARD®, a particular Supplier User may be given this role to allow them additional functionality within some Projects. If a Supplier User has this role, they will see a Response Team tab within the Project which they can access.


From the Response Team tab (Project > Response Team), Response Team Managers can add, remove, or create additional Supplier Users. They will also be able to view all members of the Response Team from this tab, as well as see the status of each Supplier User.



Selecting the check box next to certain Supplier Users and clicking the Actions... button will also give additional options to perform. From here, Usernames and Password reset emails can be sent to users, and access to the Project can be granted or revoked. The option to assign other users as Response Team Managers can also be performed, giving them access to the Response Team tab in the Project. Note that you cannot remove the Response Team Manager role from yourself.




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