How to create a new Answer Type

If no suitable Answer Types are available or multiple Answer Types are required, these can be created as additional Answer Types within the Answer Measure


The following guides takes you through creating a new Answer Type within a Scored Answer Measure


  • Within the Score Answer Measure scroll to the Answer Types section and click Create 


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  • Follow the onscreen prompts to create the new Answer Type including adding a name, instructions (scoring guidance), Data Type and Entry Places. The Data Type will drive the options on the next screen - the most commonly used options are:
  • Keyed List: this provides a drop down list for the evaluator to chose from which converts to a numerical score e.g. Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor (100, 70, 10, 0). 
  • Number Continuous: This will allow users to enter numbers in a field. The answers they enter will be mapped to a conversion value within a specified range. For example the assessor can enter a score  between 0 and 40. If 40 is entered maps to a conversion value of 100 i.e. the bidder achieved 100% of the available marks for that question. 

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  • Please refer to the contextual in-product help for further guidance by clicking the help icon in the top right hand corner of AWARD.  
  • Once you have followed all on screen steps click Save to apply the changes. Finally click Close to return to the main Answer Measures area. 


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