What is an Answer Measure?

The theory bit - what is an Answer Measure?


An Answer Measure defines the way answers are input and collected, and determines how scores are calculated.


An Answer Measure comprises two other elements, these are automatically created when you set up the Answer Measure:

  • Answer Types – these define the format users will be presented with to enter their scores, for example, a picklist or a text input field.
  • Answer Choices – these are the values that the users will pick from, for example, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor.


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An Answer Measure can have multiple Answer Types (you can add new types at any time during the project build).

An Answer Type can have multiple Answer Choices (you can add new choices at any time during the project build). 


By default, AWARD already has a Score and Text type Answer Measure created. These are entirely editable, or you may wish to create your own.   


Top Tip - for first time users we'd recommend using the default inbuilt Answer Measures which can then be edited to align with the published scoring scales.  

Next Steps - review the following articles on setting up scoring mechanisms

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