Managing Work Groups

Work Groups within AWARD® are used to group internal users into specific divisions. The Work Group that a user is part of will impact both the documents they will have access to, and what Tasks they will be assigned to.

Once Work Groups have been enabled (done through the Setup / Tools / Advanced Settings section of AWARD®), you will be able to create and manage them. 

Work Groups allow you to add internal users to them. Users can be assigned to as many Work Groups as needed. Work Groups can also be linked to specific Document Groups, with either Read access (where users will be able to see any documents within the group, but can't add or remove documents from it) or Write access (where users can see all documents, as well as upload and delete documents within the group). If a user is a part of more than one Work Group with differing document access rights, they will have the rights to all document groups from all Work Groups, even if a Work Group they are a part of doesn't have all the same document groups as another Work Group they are part of. 

Tasks are also assigned to specific Work Groups, and can either be assigned to all users within the Work Group, or one specific user within the Work Group. Tasks are enabled on a specific Work Group basis, and each Work Group with Tasks enabled will have a prefix that will be added to the ID for all Tasks associated with the Work Group.

Clarification Categories can also be added to Work Groups, so that when a Clarification is created, a Task can be created automatically from it and assigned to the relevant Work Group.

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