Preparing a Data Room Project created from a template

If a Data Room Project has been created from a pre-existing AWARD® template, it's still important to check the configuration of the Project to make sure that everything is set up appropriately. 

  • Under Setup / Tools within the Project, browse through the Supplier Settings option to make sure everything is configured as expected. In addition, browse through the Advanced Settings option to make sure everything you need to enable is enabled, such as Work Groups or Self-Registration, and, if already enabled, make sure they are configured correctly.

  • If using Document Filters, these can also be created from the Tools section, if not already configured.

  • Under Documents make sure that all necessary document groups are present, and are the appropriate document type.

Even if the Data Room Project is created from a template, Suppliers and Uses will still need to be added manually. From the Setup page, add all relevant Users and Suppliers / Supplier Users to the Project before activating it.

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