Setting up Scoring in AWARD®

In AWARD®, an Answer Measure defines the way scores are inputted and collected, and determines how the overall score is calculated. 


There are 3 types of answer measure:

  • Score (eg: 1, 5, 10 or Poor, Acceptable, Good, Very Good, Excellent*) 
  • Text (eg: a written rationale)
  • Picklist (eg: Pass, Fail)

*will be converted to a numeric value

At least one Answer Measure must be applied to a tip Question in order for that question to be included in an Answer Sheet for Evaluation or Review. 

You can assign an Answer Measure to one or more Questions. 

Each question can have more than one Answer Measure.

Typically you would assign a single Score or picklist and text Answer Measure to a Question 

 There are three stages to setting up your scoring in AWARD (click on the links to find out more):

  1. Understand the theory behind scoring in AWARD 
  2. Create the Answer Measure
  3. Assign the Answer Measure to your question(s)

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