Create the Document Groups (Document Folders)

Document Groups are the folders which contain documents uploaded to AWARD®. The Document Group type (and its association with the Questions) controls visibility of the documents. Before you can transfer bidder responses into AWARD® you need to have set up Document Groups to hold the bidders’ documents.


Documents are stored in Document Groups which can then be assigned to specific Questions and Submissions (bidders) in order that they are accessible from the appropriate places in the Answer Sheets. Document Groups can be of different types, which is governed by the project type. 


In a standard evaluation project, as in this example, the two options are Submission and Internal. Documents in a Submission Group are attributed to a supplier, typically the formal responses.  An Internal Group is used for more general documents that do not relate the supplier; for example, the invitation documents. 

Document groups are created by opening the project and going to  Project > Documents > Create Group


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On the next screen, enter an appropriate name and choose the Type > Save.  Repeat this as required.


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For standard eSourcing projects: A Document Group is set up for each of the eSourcing Envelopes which are being transferred.


Once created, the Document Groups are assigned to the relevant points in the Question tree to ensure Evaluators will have visibility of the documents once they have been transferred. The Evaluators' visibility of documents is also restricted based upon their work assignments.


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