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In AWARD® Evaluation and Lots Projects there is the option to have a Debrief Exercise/Answer Sheet to show comparisons between “winning” and other Submissions (bids).

The debrief feature can be added to your project as required. On creating the Debrief Exercise, a special Debrief Text Answer Measure is created which is used in the Debrief Answer Sheet. This Answer Measure allows you to enter a debrief rationale, to explain why the winning Submission was picked over the current Submission.

The debrief rationales (comparative statements) can be output into a report ready for sending to your submissions. You can even use a customised template with your own branding.

The Debrief exercise is created via the Tools section in AWARD.

Project > Setup > Tools > Advanced Settings > Enable Debrief

Once enabled,  the newly created debrief Exercise will be immediately available to use.

Sample score sheet:

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