How to receive bids in AWARD®

There are several ways that bids can be received for Evaluation in AWARD® - the approach you take depends on several factors including your organisation's AWARD® licence and if an external eSourcing application is being used. 


The following approaches are most commonly used:


Bids received in 



An organisation can purchase a Supplier Interaction licence which provides additional functionality in AWARD including the capability for bidders to submit bids directly into AWARD via a secure portal. 

In addition, a Self-Registration licence can be purchased which enables suppliers to register themselves into AWARD for a specified project. Typically, the authority will publish the self-registration link in the contract notice, negating the need for the authority to have to register suppliers manually. 

Please click here for an introduction to the Supplier Interaction and Self-registration capability. 



Many of our customers are using both Jagger and AWARD. In this scenario Jaggaer is used for the management of the supplier interaction activities - the evaluation questions and suppliers' responses to these are then added to AWARD for evaluation. This approach allows customers to utilise the best of breed capability afforded by both systems.



It is possible to use an alternate eSourcing solution or offline methods such as email to receive the bids. These can be bulk uploaded into AWARD and linked to the specified questions for evaluation.


Once you have determined how you are to receive the bids, AWARD can be configured to support the related activities including the evaluation of the bids. The fundamental concepts of the application remain the same, so if you are new to the system, please continue to work through the steps in the first time user guide before diving into each of the topics in further detail. 

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