Question Creation

Questions represent the criteria that will be used to evaluate the Submissions (bids). There are various ways of creating questions. You can create each Question individually in AWARD®, import from an external application such as Excel, or create them from an eSourcing data import. 

The Questions should be configured to match your ITT.

All Questions, regardless of how you created them, can be viewed and amended, if necessary, in the Questions Module.

To view or manually create new Questions:  Open your project > Setup > Questions > Click Create 

Once your Question is created you will be able to configure its properties to include: name, weight, (evaluator or bidder) instructions, linked documents, eSourcing data, scoring mechanisms.

To find out more about creating Questions manually, and how they can be configured to best compliment your project, please review our articles on Questions setup.

To find out more about creating Questions via eSourcing - please check out our eSourcing guide.

Please see our section on Excel imports and find out more about importing your Questions via Excel upload. 

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