Creating an Evaluation Project (Creating a Procurement)

The first step to using AWARD® and setting up your procurement is to create the project shell.


Projects can be:

  • created from scratch 
  • imported
  • created from a template


All these options are available to users with "Create Project Rights"

Open AWARD > My Projects >  Select your option


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When creating from scratch you have full control over the type of project you wish to create (types of project may be limited depending on the licence type linked to your account). A wizard will guide you through all the elements you need.   Don't worry if you're not sure exactly what you need at this point in time, all elements are fully configurable after the initial project has been created.


Projects created from a template are great for first time users of AWARD as everything has been preconfigured for you. They are also perfect if you have a project model you wish to repeat time and time again.


Projects created via import - usually for more experienced user of AWARD.  This option allows you to import a saved project configuration (in any state) - you can even import a configuration from another instance of AWARD.

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