Missing Supplier responses - Envelope not pulled through

Unlike the questions (evidence items), you can only pull through the supplier response once

If there are discrepancies (prior to evaluating) you can drop the Supplier response and re-import. 

All configuration will remain, so  e.g. if you have assigned users these will remain. 


To resolve this, it is straight forward; however, this involves removing responses and in doing so it can be a little daunting as we need to disable Data Protection. Do not worry though, its all fairly straight forward and all actions are covered in the Event log.


How to remove supplier responses


The solution below should only be followed if NO assessor responses to any questions  have been entered.

If a response has already been entered, we advise you contact the helpdesk before proceeding.


Firstly, what we are about to do will not impact the project; however, to avoid any updates whilst we undergo the amendments set the project to ‘In Preparation’.


Step 1 –Disable Data Protection.

As the import has taken place; we can’t re-run the Supplier response import again so we need to delete the response. To do this click as follows:

Project>Setup>Tools>Advanced Settings > Disable Data protection.

Pop in a reason such as ‘Removal of incomplete Supplier Responses for full re-import’ or something that will make sense if you need to revisit the Event Log.

You will see a red ‘Data Protection is OFF’ on the top of the screen (image taken from a test project)

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated




Step 2 – Remove the Supplier Responses

Project>Setup>Tools>View Supplier Responses

Tick the box next to the ITT on the left (similar to below)– click delete 

Graphical user interface, text, application

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Click on the ‘Data Protection is OFF’ notification banner (top of the AWARD screen), to re-enable this and remove the message.



Step 3 – Re-import the Supplier Responses

Project>Setup>Tools>Import Supplier Responses from eSourcing and select the envelopes/document groups as usual. 





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