Setting up the Scoring Mechanisms (Answer Measures)

You can edit the existing default Answer Measures or create a new Answer Measure from scratch. We recommend that you edit the default Answer Measures to align with the published scoring scale to reduce the risk of introducing configuration errors. 

We also recommend considering the following when setting up the scoring in AWARD®:

  • Only one Score Answer Measure should be configured - AWARD cannot combine scores from different Score Answer Measures

  • A common misunderstanding is that this does not work if you have published multiple different scoring scales. This is not the case as an Answer Measure can contain Multiple Answer Types

  • You can have any number of text Answer Measures, for example a box for the rationale text and another for the moderation notes

  • Similarly, you can have multiple non-scored (pick list) Answer Measures as these do not contribute to the overall numerical score

Next Steps - Review the following guide on Editing Answer Measures 

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