Configurable Lot Ordering

Feature Overview

The Configurable Lot Ordering feature enables users to customise the sequence of their lots, offering greater flexibility and control in lot management.

How to Use Configurable Lot Ordering

To amend the ordering of the lots in your project, follow these steps:

  1. From the Questions Page, select the tick box to the left of the lot heading that you wish to reposition 
  2. Click the 'Move' button.
  3. On the Move Lot screen, select the new Position for the lot. Next, select the Target, that is where you wish to move the lot to. 
  4. Click Save to confirm the new order.

Your lots will immediately reflect the new order you’ve set.

Additional Notes

  • The Common Lot can be reordered.
  • Only one lot at a time can be moved.
  • This action is fully reversible, allowing for adjustments without permanent changes.
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