Single Lot View

Feature Overview

The Single Lot View, facilitated by the Lot Filter View, enables users to concentrate on the questions within a specific lot. It simplifies the management process by providing a focused and uncluttered view. Only the selected lot and the common lot are displayed.

How to Use the Lot Filter

  1. Navigate to the Questions page (Project > Setup > Questions).
  2. Use the Lot Filter in the right-hand corner to select the lot you wish to view. The view will update automatically.
  3. To see all lots again, choose All from the filter options.

Why Use the Single Lot View?

The Single Lot View offers several benefits:

  • Focus: Direct attention to a single lot for better question management.
  • Clarity: Reduce visual clutter by hiding unrelated lots.
  • Efficiency: Streamline workflows by concentrating on relevant content.

Additional Information

  • If your AWARD® settings are set to Script-free, you’ll need to confirm lot selections when using the Lot Filter.
  • This feature aims to make lot management more efficient.
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