Deadline Reminders for Portal Closure


AWARD® offers a convenient feature that sends automatic notifications to your Suppliers about the impending closure of a portal. This ensures that all parties are aware of the deadlines and can manage their submissions accordingly.

This article outlines the feature’s functionality, including setting up reminders, how they work, and the notification process. It also provides detailed instructions on utilising this feature for both existing and new projects.

Reminder (alert) Options

You have the ability to set up two types of reminders to alert your Suppliers:

  • Final Reminder Days: Specify the number of calendar days before the portal closure when the final reminder should be sent.
  • Penultimate Reminder Days: Specify the number of calendar days before the portal closure when the penultimate reminder should be sent. 

Note: The specified timeframe includes weekends and bank holidays.


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How It Works

Reminders are scheduled to be sent just after midnight on the day preceding the set reminder day. For instance:

  • A Final Reminder set for 1 day before closure, with the portal closing on the 24th of March, will be sent shortly after midnight on the 23rd of March.
  • A Penultimate Reminder set for 7 days before closure will be dispatched shortly after midnight on the 17th of March, given the same closure date.

Reminder Notification

The reminders are delivered via email with the following format:

Email Subject:
 “Response deadline reminder for {portal_name}”

Email Body:
 “The deadline for submitting your final response for {portal_name} for project {project_name} is {Portal Closure date}. You can access your response at {link to portal}.”

Utilising the Feature

To configure these reminders for your Suppliers, follow the steps below to enter the desired number of days before the portal closure:

For an Existing Project:

  1. Go to Project > Communications to access the Portal setup section.
  2. Click the Green View button next to the Portal you want to set reminders for.
  3. On the portal’s Edit Supplier Portal Settings page, click Edit.
  4. Input the number of days for the Final and Penultimate Reminders.
  5. Select Save to apply the changes.

For a New Project:

  • When setting up a new Supplier interaction project, you’ll have the option to configure reminders. These fields can be left blank initially and filled in later by following the steps for an existing project.

Important Note:

  • If you do not wish to send a reminder, leave the reminder days fields blank.


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