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It is strongly recommended that you regularly SAVE your work when using AWARD. However, if you forget, AWARD® has an Auto Recover feature that saves your answers on the Answer Sheet automatically in case something goes wrong (for example, if you lose power or close the page by accident). Auto Recover starts working when you stop typing for 10 seconds or more. 

If you return to AWARD® after a problem, you will find a Recovered Answers section on your Project Home screen. This section shows you the questions that have saved answers.

Click on the question link in the Recovered Answers section to be taken to your recovered score sheet.

An Information message will display at the top of the sheet telling you that you have a recovered answer and what you can do with it.

You can review the recovered answer and choose to “Save” it if you want to keep it or “Cancel” it if you want to discard it and return to the previously saved text.

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