Submitting Your Response

Once you have supplied your responses, click the Submit Response button. This will check that all Questions have been marked as Complete, that all Questions have a response and that all the Documents that have been loaded have been attached to a Question through Evidence Items.


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Clicking Close on the Confirm Action page will take you back so that you can update your response, if required. Clicking on Submit Response will lock and submit the response and return you to the Responses page.


The Update Response button will change to be View Response; this will take you to a read-only view of the Response Sheet. The Submit Response button will change to be Reopen Response that enables you to reopen the tender response. Note once the tender deadline has ended then it will not be possible to reopen the response, however you will be able to view the response.


Clicking on the Submit Response after the tender deadline will mark the response as being late.


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